Hi guys, we’ve got a post here from our Girl Cynth (codename: more sauce please) and she sent us a post about what today means to her. She has a very interesting take that you have got to read.

So today is International Women’s day. Without a doubt we deserve all the accolades we get. I mean, the much acclaimed “girl power” has brought us so far.

Looking back at our teenage years and the challenges that came with it, “Aunty Rose” who torments us with different levels of cramps(no girl looks forward to that time of the month), but here we are, still battling with her.

Let’s not even get started on the every day grinding, tending to family is right there at the top of the list. We still have to catch up with the girls too, and guess who still has to struggle to look presentable in the middle of all that everyday madness? Yes, us. We really are QUEENS, and should be treated as such 😎

Gone are the days when society labelled women as the “weaker sex”(in all ramifications if I may add).

These days, feminists have given the society a hard time trying to impose the move for equality of both gender, however I digress.

I strongly believe that we’ve dwelled so much on this feminism movement, and have left the boys to worry about themselves.

It’s only natural that we feel like their broad shoulders are ours to cry on and their ears for our rants. But by doing these and more, we tend to forget everyone has a demon they have to fight with…including the guys. More often than not, they are afraid to speak about it because they feel like we’ll assume they’re weak and shouldn’t show it (cry) because its “our thing to do”, or shouldn’t rant because they are “men”. Sigh!

They go through so much all by themselves and never want to share with anyone because of the position society has put them in, the stronger sex.

Little wonder why many act up sometimes or are aggressive? The reason stated above could be one of the supposed reasons. I just feel like this “I’m a man” thing is the centre of their violence; physical, emotional or what have you.

Women have fought hard, and are still fighting for equality, and some of these men actually feel attacked Lol! We’ve fought against emotional and physical abuse and we’re winning by the day, and we’re not even close to done yet cos some women don’t feel complete without a man.

It’s such a disappointment that some of us don’t feel wholesome by ourselves, because of terms like- “what will people say”, “you have to endure”, “our parents went through it too”, “you’re not the first”. I’m happy some women are standing their grounds and not taking rubbish from some big babies called men, and the very egoistic ones who also feel inferior when we act like the Queens that we really are.

In a nutshell, as we celebrate women today, we celebrate our strength and power and how far we’ve come with them. I just think it should be out there that this fight of equality isn’t against men, even if we don’t make it as though it’s against them, they feel so threatened Lol.

And remember some women are abusive too, men suffer physical and emotional abuse too, they just never talk about it cos “they’re men” you’ve heard all that’s in this write up more often than not, however, this is to appreciate women on their day, and to say we won’t be here without these men, and vice versa. They matter as much as we do!

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17 thoughts on “…On IWD

  1. This is beautiful. I’m really outspoken when it comes to women equality and rights. One of my male friends confessed that he doesn’t really know how to respond and he feels he always has to do research because the topic can be sensitive and he’s afraid of offending me. Makes you want to think about them, right? But I can’t speak for all of them just my friend. And honestly women have been getting the short end of the stick for a long time now.


    1. I agree. But the important thing to remember is our quest for equality doesn’t need to be an attack against men in general. We thrive and everyone around us thrives also. Thanks for reading.


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